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When Dungeons Arise Mod for Minecraft



Download When Dungeons Arise Mod for Minecraft on PC (Java, Windows) to add to your favorite cube game the generation of new structures-dungeons, with very dangerous mobs and with lots of loot in chests. All over the world will be spwn different structures, it can be large towers, small tents, unusual houses, ships, flying airships, giant trees and even huge castles. These are not just dungeons with mobs, protecting valuable loot will be mobs in enchanted armor and with unique properties.

If you think that the standard game dungeons boring, from the reward at best a golden apple or enchanted item, then this mod you will like it very much. For example, in the depths of the pirate ship you can open a chest and it’s gonna be full of valuables, such as diamonds, gold, a bunch of enchanted armor and other valuables.

The biggest dungeon is a huge castle, that would explore it will take a lot of time, and remember that the guards are very and very not simple.


Download When Dungeons Arise Mod

  • 1.15.2 - 1.20.4

[51.1 MB]

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