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Download Create Mod for Minecraft on your PC and get at your disposal an incredible technical mod with unique features, a lot of mechanisms, new decor and unique tools. The mod adds a new type of energy – kinetic, it is the energy of movement, rotation, you can produce it with the help of different mechanisms that rotating will give you energy, such as windmills or water mills.

The mod does not just create a system of obtaining, converting and using energy, it literally changes the world of the game making it dynamic, thanks to mechanisms from this mod can create moving buildings, they will rotate, move. This allows you to create realistic, beautiful and incredibly dynamic buildings. There are even some cool parkour maps where you need to jump on moving platforms and gears.

With so many possibilities, you will be able to build a lot of different automatic constructions, automate mining, crafting, farming and other elements of the game.

In addition to energy mod adds new tools, they will allow you to quickly change the territory, build symmetrical buildings. You can automatically build copies of your buildings with the help of blueprints. In the mod there are quite a lot of decorative blocks for the arrangement of factories and houses.

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Download Create Mod

  • 1.20.1

[14.2 MB]

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