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TL Legacy Launcher for Minecraft



Download TLauncher Legacy for Minecraft and get access to the most popular launcher at the moment! It is used daily by a record number of players. After all, with this program you can play both pirate and licensed version of Minecraft. But this is far from the main advantage of the launcher. The main feature is cross-platform. You can run the program on any operating system Windows, Linux or Mac OS. You can quickly download TLauncher Legacy from our website, without any waiting and for free. After launching, you will see a minimalistic launch window that has everything you need to run the game.

Here you need to select a pre-created profile, choose the desired version of the game and click on the big “Run” button. After a few seconds, you will find yourself in the main menu of the game. You can also pay attention to additional buttons. The first one – with the logo of the social network “VK”, will open the official group of developers in the browser, where they share with users useful information and a list of updates. The second button with the image of a folder, can open and attach a third-party game client. The third button with the image of green arrows will check the integrity of files and fix errors, if any.

The most interesting is the fourth button, which opens the advanced settings. This is where all the functionality of the launcher is located. Here you can customize the built-in modifications, as well as Forge, OptiFine and LiteLoader. Also, in this section you can configure other installed modifications.

Legacy is the classic version, which has only the most necessary functions and features, including the skin system. Developers have long since released an updated version, which has a much longer list of features. But if you do not need them, then you can well use TLauncher Legacy. Download any version of the game in a few minutes and immediately launch it – that’s the main feature of the Launcher. You also get an easy profile editor that will allow you to create your own builds, as well as support for major modifications. In addition, you have the opportunity to install any skin from a large catalog, or even create your own. Launcher itself is lightweight, and can be located anywhere in the file system, the main thing is to specify the path to the folder with the game.


Download TL Legacy Launcher


[112 MB]

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