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Sophisticated Backpacks Mod for Minecraft



Download Sophisticated Backpacks mod for PC version of Minecraft (JAVA/Win10) to add huge inventory spaces to your favorite game. Huge backpacks not only because of their appearance, but also because of their functionality.

A total of 5 types of ‘packs are added: regular, iron, gold, diamond and neserite. Each of them differs in capacity and the of slots for upgrades that can be put into them. ‘packs can be used in different ways:

  • As a chest. You simply place the ‘pack on any block and use it as a huge storage unit.
  • Carrying. You can put the ‘pack on yourself in an armor slot and use it as an internal resource storage.
  • Carry it in your inventory. A ‘pack can also be held and opened by pressing the B button.

Sometimes ‘packs can be found in dungeons or secret chests. Rarely, but it happens that mobs spawn with ‘packs, which you can kill and get from them the same ‘pack. Also backpacks can be painted in any desired color. In the mod there is a huge number of improvements, each of which adds ‘packs new features.

For fans of digging in the mine this mod will be the best, so download it soon and enjoy the almost infinite inventory!


Download Sophisticated Backpacks Mod

  • 1.16.4 - 1.20.1

[6.68 MB]

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