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Simple Planes Mod for Minecraft



Download Simple Planes Mod for Minecraft (Windows and Java) to add simple corn planes to your world. They are created from wood and for flight use coal or any other fuel. They are very easy to control and you can quickly move around the world, they fit perfectly into vanilla Minecraft.

At the moment there are several types of airplanes and even heli, among the planes there is a cargo and extended on which you can fly in two, both need to be fueled from your inventory, they fly at about the speed of flight in creativity, have a simple and clear control, you just press forward and almost immediately fly in the chosen direction. That would refuel the plane, sitting in it, take a coal in your hands and press them pkm.

The author adds more features to the mod, now there are heli in the mod, as well as improvement blocks for airplanes, you will be able to increase speed or be able to launch fireworks like rockets, drop loads by parachute or descend yourself.


Download Simple Planes Mod 1.20.1

  • 1.20.1

[643 KB]

Download Simple Planes Mod 1.19.2

  • 1.19.2

[652 KB]

Download Simple Planes Mod 1.18.2

  • 1.18.2

[653 KB]

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