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NeoForge Installer for Minecraft



Download NeoForge Installer for Minecraft; a new mod loader which is a fork of Forge, inside the news you can find out what it is, get some answers to questions and download the NeoForge installer.

On July 12, 2023, the main team working on the development and improvement of Forge except their main developer LexManos separated from the Forge project, they created a Fork called NeoForge. At the moment this loader actually repeats Forge completely, and also contains a lot of Forge’s software developments, as well as at the moment NeoForge supports mods for Forge, and vice versa it seems too.

What happened?

There was a conflict in the team (the toxicity of LexManos has been known for a long time), the team left, copied the project and plans to develop it, as well as get rid of the code licensed Forge LLC.

What are they promising?

Nothing yet, at the moment they are thinking about how and where to move, so it’s not clear yet, they want their own Forge with blackjack and sh*t. (c) bender

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Download NeoForge Installer

  • 1.20.4

[7.87 MB]

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