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Mystical Agriculture Mod for Minecraft



Download Mystical Agriculture Mod for Minecraft on PC and get access to an extremely popular modification that adds new seeds to the game to grow various resources. The mod will help all those players that like to farm, but do not like to dig in mines, extract wood, get resources and so on. It may seem quite cheater, but the modification is quite balanced. The mod would look great in some compilation of mods, well, let us tell you more about it.

Initially you can find 3 new ores. These are the prosperous ore, the ore of inferium and the ore of solium. From them you can get the following materials: shard from the prosperous ore, essence of inferium and dust from solium. Each of these items will play a big role in the crafting of later items.

Items from the shard of prosperity

For example, a shard of prosperity will allow you to create an infusion crystal, a standard crystal that requires 4 essences of inferium, 4 shards of prosperity, and 1 diamond. This infusion crystal will allow you to create higher order essences. It works like this: you place the infusion crystal, place 4 essences of a certain type on each side of it and get 1 essence of a higher class. This way you will get new essences until the end.

Base for soul seeds and plants

In addition to infusion crystals, you can create a prosperous seed base from wheat seeds and 4 prosperity shards. This seed base you can either use to create a soulium seed, and this will also be a base because it is just as used to create other seeds. From this seed you can create a bunch of other very different seeds: coral seeds, lightstone seeds, gold seeds, obsidian, water, ice, whatever your heart desires. Saulium seeds also serve to create other seeds: fish, rabbit, skeleton. In other words, soulium seeds are already more for creating living creatures, or rather dropping them.

Wellbeing jewels and others

You will also be able to create prosperity jewels. For this you need 1 diamond and 4 shards of prosperity, from this jewel you can create jewels even better, and from them you can create various useful things: armor, weapons, tools and blocks. The soulium jewel will be used mainly to create a soulium dagger. In addition, you will be able to create a masterful infusion crystal that has unlimited uses. A simple infusion crystal only has 1000.

Inferium Seeds

Next, you have extracted the right amount of inferium from the ore. Now you need to somehow organize it all and start growing it. With the help of wheat seeds and 8 essences of inferium you and I can create inferium seeds and then plant them and grow them. You can plant either on regular arable land or on steeper land.

Essence Plowshares

These very lands are created by clicking an essence on the arable land. You click on it and you get a farmland made of inferium. You can create all kinds of lands in this way: from inferium to supremium. Accordingly, you should realize that the better the agricultural land is, the faster your crops will grow on it. You can also create a mystical pink colored fertilizer using the essences of inferium, diamond and bone meal in the amount of 4 pieces.

A very cool mod with an unusual idea.


Download Mystical Agriculture Mod

  • 1.12.2 - 1.20.1

[4.99 MB]

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