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Identity Mod for Minecraft



Download Identity Mod for Minecraft on PC (Java, Windows) to get the power to turn into any in-game mob and even use the unique skills of each mob. The mod is an analog of the well-known mod Morph or its analog metamorph, it is available on new versions of the game, but uses Fabric to run.

When playing in creative mode you can immediately select any mob, you need to press (aka the key if you play in survival mode, that would turn into a mob you need to kill it.

When you become a mob, you get its abilities, movement speed and sounds. If a mob has an ability, you can use it by pressing R.

For example, a spider can climb walls, an Enderman can teleport, a flurry can shoot fireballs, a creeper can explode.


Download Identity Mod

  • 1.18.2 - 1.20.1

[924 KB]

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