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Essential Client Mod for Minecraft



If you want to improve the gaming experience from your favorite cube video game, why not download Essential Client Mod for Minecraft on PC (Java, Windows)? The original client from Mojang provides users with the widest range of features, but it doesn’t cover some of the multiplayer features that are much needed for the modern player.

With Essential Client you will be able to create a unique world in single-player mode, any seed, and without any problems invite your friends and comrades there. In addition, Essential Client adds the ability to arbitrarily change the skin of your character.

The main benefits of custom content:

  • Servers are no longer needed.
  • Create and edit in-game screenshots.
  • Free personalization of game characters (Say NO to microtransactions!).
  • Messenger that works not only in the created world, but also in the worlds of other players and even other servers.
  • In-game account manager.
  • And much, much more.


Download Essential Client Mod

  • 1.8.9 - 1.20.4

[2.70 MB]

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