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Deeper And Darker Mod for Minecraft



Download Deeper and Darker Mod for Minecraft (for Windows and Java version) and add a new dimension to your world, which belongs to the Guardian. The author decided to continue to develop the theme of biome dark depths and the ancient city, now in the ancient city you can activate the portal and get into a new dimension Otherside. This is a creepy and dangerous place consisting of different biomes in the style of the dark depths biome, everywhere there are scalp sensors that can summon the Guardian.

The biomes of the new dimension consist of different dark vegetation, they are inhabited by new mobs, as well as vanilla phantoms. You can even meet a small boss, although it is even easier to defeat him than the Guardian. Based on the drop you can collect a set of powerful armor and weapons, while these items are still being developed, but now a full set of armor protects against blindness, which imposes the keeper, as well as you start to make much less sounds.


Download Deeper And Darker Mod

  • 1.20.2, 1.19.2

[32.3 MB]

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