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Cocricot Resource Pack for Minecraft



Download Cocricot Mod for Minecraft on PC and get a a large, no, huge decorative modification! The mod contains more than 3000 decorative blocks that you can decorate your world, houses, rooms.

All items have textures pack Cocricot, as the mod itself was developed as an add-on for this pack.

Partial list of contents:

  • New plants, foliage, flowers, trees.
  • Vases, pots of different shapes.
  • Mailboxes, fences, street lights.
  • Blocks of different shapes and textures.
  • Roof blocks.
  • Church decor, crosses, bells.
  • Drainage, roof gutters.
  • English telephone boxes.
  • Awnings (for stores and cafes)
  • Mounts for lanterns, banners.
  • Chains
  • Beautiful balcony and window grilles.
  • Stairs with railings, spiral stairs, rope stairs.
  • Wooden wheels (for carts)
  • Many kinds of windows of different colors and shapes.
  • Many kinds of doors.
  • Blocks with carpets
  • Blocks for kitchen decor, cabinets, sinks, stoves, tables, chairs, drawers, refrigerator, glasses, bottles.
  • Different shelves, including with decorative items like a ship, or a minecraft book and a creeper toy.
  • Bar decor, pouring taps, glasses, hanging kitchen utensils, glasses.
  • Prepared cocktails, plates of food.
  • Lots of tables, including outdoor tables, tablecloths, vintage tables.
  • Lots of chairs, stools, bar stools, stools, chairs, sofas.
  • Commercial street decor, counters, signs, pole banners.
  • Kitchenware, kettles, sauces, grinders, condiments, prepared foods, cups, pitchers.
  • Home decor, books, newspapers, toys, figurines, speakers, turntables, pianos, telephones.
  • Laptop, cash registers, radios
  • New beds, half-sheets, blankets, hanging clothes, mannequins.
  • Bathtubs, faucets, sinks, toilets
  • Different kinds of fireplaces.
  • Curtains
  • Many different lamps, bulbs, chandeliers, including candles.
  • Various blocks of different colors and shades.

Download Cocricot Resource Pack

  • 1.7.10 - 1.20.4

[126 MB]

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