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BuildCraft Mod for Minecraft



We recommend downloading Buildcraft for Minecraft on PC; a modification that introduces a large number of new items that allow you to diversify and facilitate the game. The mod adds engines, mechanisms, pipes, ores and much more, in connection with the mod is attached to a large number of new recipes, the developers did not stop at small mods.

Buildcraft is one of the mods that makes global changes in the game and the player gets a completely new game, you can say goes to a new, more perfect era of minecraft. Buildcraft can be installed in a single game, and on the server. By introducing new features to the game, such as electricity and technology minecraft becomes technically more complex and interesting game.

From medieval times you will move into a new era of factories, generators, weapons and other items that will help you survive in the complex world of minecraft. Now you will be able to explore the world of Minecraft with science and mechanics!

The Buildcraft mod is very difficult to understand for beginners, it takes time to learn new blocks and items, not to mention their recipes, but to help you will come to the wiki and the official website of the project, recipes you can look at these sites, and manuals for using the mod are constantly posted on the Internet, you can go to the server with the installed mod buildcraft and see what experienced players have built.

Each piece of equipment that can be created has its own recipe and building some machines can take time and require a large amount of resources, but it is worth it, your joy when the machine will work and useful action that it will bring will pay off your investment and patience. You will be able to dig up blocks in automatic mode, extract oil, refine it into gasoline, make automatic buildings, etc.


Download BuildCraft Mod (1.12.2)

  • 1.12.2

[4.65 MB]

Download BuildCraft Mod (1.11.2)

  • 1.11.2

[3.97 MB]

Download BuildCraft Mod (1.8.9)

  • 1.8.9

[3.31 MB]

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