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Better PvP Mod for Minecraft



Download Better PvP Mod for Minecraft on PC (Java, Windows) and diversify your gameplay with competitive elements! Mod is ideal for PvP modes and for simple game, as it adds a large number of useful features, such as a mini-map, displaying the strength of things, information about the mob, will allow you to create, change, see, share points on the map, etc.

List of features:

  • Minimap that displays mobs, dungeons, set points.
  • Various game hints, such as the strength of the armor worn, the strength of the item in your hands.
  • Hint about the item in hand, such as how much hunger will restore.
  • If you hover over a mob, it will show its name, health, armor.
  • Will display the icon of the current effect and the time until its end.
  • Ability to create points (markers, checkpoints), choose their name and color, change coordinates, share in chat, teleport to them, they can be seen visually and on the minicart.
  • Notifications, such as low hunger, health, arrow hit, etc.op
  • Sprint without having to hold down the W key, just press the sprint button.
  • Indicator of the collected amount of experience.
  • Possibility to turn on a permanent mode “crouching”.
  • Quick use of items in the hotbar, for example, make a mob or eat an item without having to switch to it. (standard keys on the Num-pad).
  • Ability to disable some of the functions.
  • Ability to customize the location of all elements.
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Download Better PvP Mod

  • 1.7.10 – 1.20.4

[15.6 MB]

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